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Inspired By Chanel Allure Homme Sport


Step into a universe of refinement and charm with PARIS, a scent created for the experts of fine fragrances. Roused by the notable CHANEL Charm HOMME Game, PARIS is an olfactory magnum opus that weds newness, fieriness, and woody undercurrents fitting together amazingly.

Top Notes: Orange, Sea Notes, Aldehydes, Blood Mandarin
Heart Notes: Pepper, Neroli, Cedar
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, White Musk. Amber, Vetiver, Elemi Resin



Disclosing Immortal Class: Find PARIS, Motivated by CHANEL Charm HOMME Game

Embrace the embodiment of complexity with PARIS, a scent that rises above time and catches the heart with its flawless mix of newness, hotness, and woody feelings. Created for the insightful authorities of fine fragrances, PARIS gives proper respect to the famous CHANEL Appeal HOMME Game, reclassifying the olfactory involvement in its extraordinary and enthralling smell.

The Charming Notes of PARIS:

Empowering Newness: PARIS opens with an explosion of stimulating newness, suggestive of a fresh morning breeze. The underlying notes dance on the skin, making a feeling of imperativeness and energy. This invigorating pith catches the immaculateness of nature and makes way for a remarkable olfactory excursion.

Charming Heat:

As the scent unfurls, an enticing mix of flavors arises, adding a charming profundity to the organization. Warm and tempting, these zesty notes make a quality of interest and refinement, having an enduring impression any place you go.

Immortal Woody Undercurrents:

Establishing the aroma are the rich, woody connotations that radiate warmth and class. These base notes give a strong groundwork, injecting the fragrance with a hint of exemplary charm. The woody agreements wait on the skin, leaving a path of refinement and appeal.

A Mark of Differentiation:

PARIS is in excess of a scent; it's a mark of differentiation. Ideal for the advanced fan, this fragrance exemplifies certainty, effortlessness, and ageless polish. Whether you're going to a lofty occasion, setting out on a heartfelt meeting, or basically delighting in the joys of day-to-day existence, PARIS is the ideal friend, upgrading your presence and making a permanent imprint.

Embrace Exemplary Refinement:

Enjoy your faculties in the exemplary refinement of PARIS. Let the agreeable mix of newness, fieriness, and woody notes transport you to a universe of refinement and extravagance. Lift your everyday ceremonies and extraordinary events with PARIS, a scent that catches the pith of persevering through style and charm.

Experience PARIS Today:

Plunge into the charming universe of PARIS and experience the appeal of this dazzling aroma. Raise your faculties, rethink your presence, and say something of ageless tastefulness. Find the charm of PARIS, where each spritz recounts an account of complexity and elegance. Submerge yourself in the enamoring smell and leave on a fragrant excursion that praises the specialty of perfumery. Experience the appeal of PARIS today.

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Rs.1,912.00 Regular price Rs.2,250.00

If you don’t like the fragrance you can Refund/Exchange hassle free